“It’s authentic, fresh, healthy,real, and no one in the area does it like we do!”

 For the first time in Missoula, we are offering catering services for the best and most delicious Arabic food, affordably priced. Whether you have a small or big event, family or work gathering, and you want to impress your guests with a new style of food, Kamoon will do that for you.
    It is our goal to provide the highest quality of food, prepared, presented and delivered to the exact specifications of our customers, by maintaining the utmost levels of customer satisfaction, food safety and hygiene.
If you feel frustrated from going to a restaurant because of the time you spent wating for a seat and the bill you need to pay. The food trailer don't just eliminate all these problems, but it also feature some of the best bites to be had by create special menu to meet your individual needs.

We go where the people are in with our affordable prices yet taste amazing. We can provide sandwiches and salads on wheels or serve diners at charity galas, business meetings, grand openings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions and birthday parties.
No matter If you have a small or big event, family or work gathering and you like to impress your guests with a new style of food, Kamoon can do that for you.

Our menu includes many of middle eastern dishes with the original delicious test. Live cooking is one of the options that you can have in your event location, such as Shawarma, Falafel or Arabic mouthwatering barbecues. If you are interested in hiring us to cater your event, contact us today and relax, we can handle it for you!
Kamoon Arabian Cuisine food is based on cuisine from around the Medial East , inspired by our homeland authentic taste. We are originally from Iraq, because of the war and unsafe situation we moved to United Arab Emirates and immigrated and resettled in the USA and have been members of the Missoula community since May 2017.

We had a Middle Eastern restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, and loves to introduce our native cuisine to members of our new community. We hopes to share some of the culture and taste of Arabian food with Missoula.

Our authentic food taste can be described—but it’s best experienced in person.

Our Story 

Our Catering Journey

  • University of Montana guest chef featuring Arabian Food
  • Three days a week lunch catering at Missoula College
  • Clark Fork Farmer’s Market
  • Missoula Out to Lunch and Out to Dinner
  • River City Roots Festival
  • Western Montana Fair –Missoula
  • Festival of Peace – Arlee
  • Socotra 2018 – Missoula County Fairgrounds
  • Imagine Nation Brewing
  • Facing Recovery Event – Missoula
  • Private Event Catering